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Everything you need to start, grow, and monetize your podcast.

from idea to iTunes.


Created by the Almost 30 Podcast.

PodcastPro is a digital platform all about bringing podcasts into existence. Whether you are talking to our existing community, promoting your brand or business, or you just want to share your story, we want to make sure your voice will be heard. Through the 6 week intensive course, you will take actionable steps of intention, manifesting and creating your dream podcast.

In less than two years The Almost 30 Podcast has grown to sit at the top of the iTunes charts both overall and in the health category reaching millions all over the world. With the idea of a brand that provided value, information and authenticity in mind throughout it’s growth (plus monetizing from the start) Almost 30 is now an industry giant and has been nominated for various awards like the iHeartRadio Podcast award.

What this means for you: is the ability to learn from our experience (and mistakes) to help you skip the messy stuff and get straight to making the podcast (and building a brand) of your dreams.


PodcastPro explained in 4 minutes.

Watch the video to get the DL on everything this platform has to offer.